To qualify for the $50 SAVINGS OFFER, please fill out the
following information.
* What did you like most about your shopping experience?
It was easy to find what I was looking for
I found quality merchandise at a good value
The sales associates were helpful
Quick and simple in-store financing
The convenience of shopping for everything in one place

* Why did you choose to finance through Furniture Row? (Check all that apply)
The promotional offer was too good to pass up
Approval was quick and easy, so why not
The intro APR is better than my other credit card(s)
I always finance large purchases

* Would you recommend Furniture Row to a friend, neighbor, co-worker or a family friend?
Yes No

If you said yes, then why would you recommend Furniture Row? (Select all that apply)
You can get a lot for your money
The styles are fresh and up-to-date
The sales associates are knowledgeable
The sales associates understand budgets / limitations
The showroom is easy-to-shop and customer-friendly
I liked having the option to finance my purchase(s)

* Of the following items, which is most important to you when buying furniture?
The price/value of merchandise
Attractive, up-to-date furniture
Knowledgeable sales associates
Being able to finance in-store
Close to my home/work
A showroom where I can easily find what I'm looking for

* What kind of furniture do you plan to purchase next?

* When do you plan to make your next purchase?
When I pay this purchase off Within the next three months
Within the next six months No firm plans for a next purchase

* How many furniture stores including Furniture Row did you shop before purchasing?
1 2 3 4 or more

* How many weeks from when you first started shopping for your new home furnishings to when you made your actual purchase?
Less than 1 week
2 to 3 weeks
4 to 6 weeks
6 to 8 weeks
More than 8 weeks

* What influenced you to shop at Furniture Row stores? (Choose all that apply)
Friends Reccommendation
Direct Mail
Drove by Store
Previous Buying Experience

* Did you visit the web site before purchasing?
Yes No